...of your life.



I specialize in protecting people from curses and demons. 

Are you being attacked or harassed by ghosts, demons, spirits or interdimensional aliens?

I can clear a person or area of ghosts, demons, djinn, elementals and aliens. For most cases, I can remove these entities within an hour of starting, from any distance. As I've had clients in many countries. I use a no-conflict approach that does not harm either the entity nor the afflicted.

Are you being attacked by Black Magick Curses? 

I can stop their attacks and prevent them from ever doing this again. 


Are you suffering from an illness, injury or chronic pain?

I can provide relief, and in many cases, I can assist with your healing for injuries and chronic conditions coming from occult attacks or from a past-life cause. 


Are you or your child tired of being stalked, bullied or harassed at school, work or around your home?

I  can end bullying, stalking, harassment or stalking.

Are you going through domestic violence and or a difficult divorce? 

I can give you immediate relief from domestic violence or the negativity of a divorce.


45 years experience

My name is Raymond Scott, and I've been healing, protecting and creating extraordinary results for people for over 45 years, 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ray's Background

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Ray has over 45 years experience in Metaphysics, with clients all over this country and many other countries as well. He has gone through training in organizations such as Rosicrucians, Mind-Science-Foundation (which included Kahuna), Mind-Psi Biotics, Self-Realization Fellowship and many other types of Yoga. His training is also in many forms of Magick (white, gray and black), Necronomics, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Daemonolatry, and Hoodoo.

Ray's Experience

He has been involved in helping people with serious health conditions, financial (as in jobs or business), bringing in abundance, bringing communication with the departed (to help with their moving on or to help those left behind), changing (or diverting) damaging weather, defending people and/or property from Demons, Ghosts or from those using magic as a weapon to do harm to others.

What is Sorcery & Metaphysics?

Sorcery and metaphysics are the art and science of causing change in conjunction with the will, because everything is energy and subject to change. It is also the ability to sense things (realms, entities, spirits, demons, ghosts, energy) that are beyond our five physical senses, and to interact with those non-physical realms and energies.



"Ray, focused for a full month, to clear a serious evil entity which had been tormenting my son for years. He kept in regular contact through with me, always keeping me informed on how the progress was going. After years of harassment my son is completely cleared of this entity. He had no more issues from this being anymore. I completely trust Ray, and could not recommend him enough."

— G of Washington

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"I've known Ray for many years, and I am never surprised at his ability to pay off, even sometimes in the most subtle of ways. I had a business situation that I was in charge of and that was dire. A few had their doubts I could handle it and a lot of it hinged on one individual who openly admitted their contempt for me. This person was a vital part of the project, entrenched even. I spoke to Ray. The project was intense and required quit a bit of concentration on my part over several weeks. But it was about a month later that I realized the individual had 'disappeared' from the project. Even though they had first been intrinsically involved, they literally had all but vanished from the situation. It happened with such subtlety and I was so busy that it was weeks later that I found myself thinking, 'Hey, whatever happened to...? Oh, it was Ray!' This is just one time out of many Ray has come through."

— JS of Malibu, California


clearing a haunted house

"The energy was very creepy in the house when we first moved in. Especially in the basement and the woodshed. The old owner was a big game hunter, so I assumed he brought back this energy from Africa.

Ray scanned the property and found some lesser demonic energy in the basement and woodshed, and a lost soul who had not moved on. After the clearing we all noticed the house was at peace, and I began to sleep better.

Thanks to Ray, everything is as it should be."

— BB of Bellingham, Washington


wandering SPIRITS

"This is letter attest to the potent, yet effectual work of ‘Ray’, aka Raymond. I live in Bronx, NY in a very old brownstone building. I had numerous paranormal experiences in my apartment. For example, doors opening and closing, windows slamming, and hearing a lot of footsteps in my living room in the evening and during the night (I live alone). Sometimes I would place cups, papers, and even a broom in one place in my apartment, only to discover that it had been removed.

On one occasion, I had three interior locks on my apartment door, and a rug at the bottom of the front door, thereby making it impossible for a person to come into my apartment and leave without removing the rug and unlocking all three locks. One evening between 5 and 6 pm, I awoke because I heard the toilet flush, footsteps came from the living room and pacing back and forth.

When I finally mustard up the courage to get out of bed, to my surprise, all windows were shut and the front door remained locked with the rug up against it, it this moment I realized that I had some paranormal activity that could no longer be ignored. So, while perusing the internet, I came across a very interesting site, 'Sorcerer for Hire'; naturally, I contacted Ray and he did his initial investigation, he was able to detect a young black child with long white socks, and black clothes.

The spirit had once lived in this building in the flesh but was confused and lost. Ray was able to persuade the spirit/entity to leave my home, and it did immediately. After Ray completed his scan of the building he was able to detect a lot of paranormal activity in the basement of the building and he was able to stop spirits from playing games in my apartment and roaming through the building at will, as such, I highly recommend Ray for the job, the spirit(s) have not been back in over 18 months, and quite naturally, all of the moving objects, footsteps and slamming windows and doors immediately desist and my life went back to normal."

— Dennis of Maryland