I specialize in protecting people from curses and demons. 

Are you being attacked or harassed by ghosts, demons, spirits or interdimensional aliens?

I can clear a person or area of ghosts, demons, djinn, elementals and aliens. For most cases, I can remove these entities within an hour of starting, from any distance. As I've had clients in many countries. I use a no-conflict approach that does not harm either the entity nor the afflicted.

Are you being attacked by Black Magick Curses? 

I can stop their attacks and prevent them from ever doing this again. 


Are you suffering from an illness, injury or chronic pain?

I can provide relief, and in many cases, I can assist with your healing for injuries and chronic conditions coming from occult attacks or from a past-life cause. 


Are you or your child tired of being stalked, bullied or harassed at school, work or around your home?

I  can end bullying, stalking, harassment or stalking.

Are you going through domestic violence and or a difficult divorce? 

I can give you immediate relief from domestic violence or the negativity of a divorce.