Curse Removal & Defense Against Black Magic / Occult Attack (by the week or month)

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Curse Removal & Defense Against Black Magic / Occult Attack (by the week or month)

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Have you been the victim of a curse, black magic or occult attacks? I can bring you much needed protection and bring an end to whatever form of spiritual oppression you are experiencing.

There are two types of magical attacks: 

  1. A past curse, hex or thoughtform that can be cleared very quickly, as these were done long ago as a one time event.
  2. A case of "active magic", where someone is sending curses, spells and other magical attacks at you. This is an ongoing protection effort, requiring multiple sessions a day, as such these situations create an occult battle between Ray and the attacker.

One-time removals (past curses, hexes or thoughtforms) are a one-time fee of $150 to reverse the curse.

Ongoing defense against Black Magick or Occult Attacks requires a minimum of three months to complete, depending on the attackers ability and determination, and is priced at $525 per month. (per attacker)

Should you require FASTER services and a "FLAT RATE" these are available, on request. 

The Defense of Black Magic / Occult Attacks Service includes: 

  • Removal of demons and entities associated with curse or attacks.
  • Reversal of the attack energies.
  • Sending their curses and black magic back to the sender.
  • Reducing their their ability to attack and binding them.
  • Twice-weekly check-ins, monitoring and counseling.
  • Note: If there are multiple attackers, each attacker requires a unique effort and approach, so are treated as separate cases, with separate fees.

You can purchase the service below (contact Ray if you'd prefer to use Paypal).

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