Curse Removal & Defense Against Black Magic Occult Attacks

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Curse Removal & Defense Against Black Magic Occult Attacks


If things are not going well for you or your family. Maybe all of a sudden and for awhile now. Could even be a few years. 

I can help you figure out what is going on. Even if you think you already know. I can bring clarity to what has been occurring. 


Black Magick Occult Attacks can be stopped in less than one month

for a flat fee of $575


There are FOUR different types of curses. 

1 - By a human, using the occult as a weapon to constantly attack and destroy your life.

2 - By a human, but called a HEX. A one time spell used to cause harm. Usually placed in an area that would pass by.

3 - By a Demon, does similar to human attacks, but for different reasons. 

4 - Self- created curse, usually comes from past life traumatic remembrances.

So, it's extremely important to identify which kind you have. It's not one size fits all. 

The FIRST thing that needs to be done. 

I need to do a FREE divination reading. So, I can determine what is going on. To do this requires a picture of you and/ or who ever else maybe involved. 


Binding is available, on request 

BINDING is what takes time. It STOPS them from EVER using magick energies again to attack you or anyone else. It takes three consecutive months of effort to Bind them permanently. 

The difference between STOPPING them and BINDING them.

STOPPING them, stops the attack. It takes energy to attack, I reduce it until the energy stops. This takes less than 30 days. Then they will be held in a type of containment field and periodically monitored for one year. 

BINDING , permanently stops them from ever attacking anyone with the occult again. 


The Defense of Black Magic Occult Attacks Service includes: 

  • Removal of any demons and entities associated with curse or attacks.
  • Extraction of black magick energies.
  • Sending their curses and black magic back to the sender.
  • Reducing their ability to attack
  • Twice-weekly check-ins, monitoring and counseling.
  • Note: It is possible to acquire multiple attackers during this protection process. Each attacker requires a unique effort and approach, so this could extend the Stopping or Binding time line and thereby increase the cost.

You can purchase the service below or use Paypal or Venmo using the email address listed on the contact page.

Contact Ray if you'd prefer to use Paypal or if requiring FASTER STOPPING or BINDING services. 


REFUND POLICY: There can be NO refunds once this process has started. 

To refund, is to return everything back to the condition it was in prior to starting. That would make everything worse for everyone involved, than what things were. It would be like kicking a hornets nest. 

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