A Witches Curse

Ray Scott has one of the best curse removal systems I have found, it's quick easy and affordable, he's an honest man that can be trusted and Care's about what he does for other people, and stop's negitvity in a timely manner, I'm grateful I found Ray and what he did for me. I highly recommend Ray to anyone that needs spiritual help, thanks again Ray. David C.

My reading showed that he had been cursed by witchcraft for about 2 to 3 years. Causing health issues. This person was stopped in the usual time frame, 3 days. But, then about 2 weeks later another person attacked him, this time using Voodoo. This person was male, brought in by the one who started this. He was stopped, again, in 3 days. And there has been nothing since. 

Demons for 20 years

For twenty years, yes twenty, I tried and paid thousands to various psychics for help to remove a curse&stop being 

tortured and hit by demons. Scared

and frustrated when the last psychic

threatened she would no longer help

me if I didn't send more money, I searched online&found Rays 

Sorcerer for Hire Page

I followed my instinct&contacted Ray. 

Ray returned my call that same day!!!

Nov 12, 2016 is a day I will always cherish as Ray removed in one hour all 8 demons that have been w me since

my childhood!!! Ray did in one hour what 3 psychics could NOT do in twenty years!! Plus the psychics were wrong as there was no curse!!!

I have my life back. My life has changed&immensely improved due to Ray removing the demons. My family, friends even my dog are more loving to me. People are kinder to me. My coworkers are friendlier. My bad luck has ended. Nothing hits me anymore. I feel lighter and happy which I never thought was possible before I contacted Ray

I'm so grateful, blessed&thankful for Rays help!!!

As a nurse working in SICU, I can feel spirits. Ray took the time to speak w me to develop a service to meet my specific needs. Since the demons were gone, I couldn't figure which service I needed. 

Twice a wk mtgs w Ray begin promptly at scheduled time&Ray is Always very helpful!!! 

Please do not hesitate to contact Ray as Rays help will change&immensely improve your life!! So much peace, happiness, joy await you after Ray helps you. Contacting Ray& receiving his help is the best decision I've made in my life!!

I also have taken & highly recommend Rays Basic metaphysic course listed on his page. Ray is an excellent teacher!!!


Curses! ...and healing

Dear Reader,

This is a case of someone who was cursed with black magick. It's very extreme, yes, she almost lost her life. But, it's necessary to understand what could happen if nothing is done to change things until it's almost to late.

These type curses can also be the result of someone sending demons to create the same result.