Curses! ...and healing

Dear Reader,

This is a case of someone who was cursed with black magick. It's very extreme, yes, she almost lost her life. But, it's necessary to understand what could happen if nothing is done to change things until it's almost too late.

These type curses can also be the result of someone sending demons to create the same result.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is letter attest to the potent, yet effectual work of Ray, aka Raymond. I currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a cousin about 36 year’s age, she has four daughters and is happily married to a minister and law enforcement officer. Michelle earlier this year had three major surgeries to remove cyst and tumors from her womb. Michelle’s natural body weight at the time was 140lbs, but do to her illness she dwindled down to 85lbs. Michelle’s blood was contaminated with waste from her intestines, (during the initial surgeries they cut her intestine and sewed her back up) the surgeons had to do multiple emergency surgeries. Michelle was feed intravenously for 3 months, and for one month was placed in a coma state.

When I contacted Ray and told him that my cousin had a little time left to live and the doctors didn’t want to operate because they feared they would lose her in surgery, Ray just asked for a picture. Within one week Michelle was awake and speaking. Within 3 weeks Michelle was able to eat a little food. Within 2 months Michelle went from Death door to walking. I told Ray of all the surgeries the doctors had scheduled, well it’s been 8 months and she has had no surgeries, she has regained her weight, and they are calling it a miracle. I have several medical doctors in my family, my uncle is an anesthesiologist, he said based upon her blood toxins she should be dead or doing years of rehab to walk. Ray is very quiet and humble, BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT, HE IS THE REAL DEAL WHEN IT COMES TO HEALING. I could site other examples of paralyzing back and leg psoriatic arthritis that a member of my family had, within 2 months he zapped it and she was traveling the world a year later without the condition returning. When it comes to healing, Ray doesn’t care what the doctors say, nor does he care of the diagnoses, he just goes to work.

All I can honestly tell you is that I am a living soul that has seen the MIRACLES OF RAY. I my honest and humble opinion he is a MASTER HEALER! Furthermore, he has the ability to make things happen, that is, the doctors here in Maryland began seeing the positive and the doom and gloom story passed away, although they were liable, they were happy to see Michelle live. Ray knows how to remove negative energies and bring in healing energies in the most miraculous manner. To this day, my entire family is baffled, they were making funeral arrangements not so long ago, but Ray had another plan. He could see her well in his mind’s eye, and he has the ability to MAKE IT HAPPEN, AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPEN, FROM DEATHS DOOR TO A FULL TIME MOM, WIFE, AND professional. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, Dennis 917-500-9707.

PS: Stop looking for God, and realize he has place people like Ray here to help you. Ray can detect the disease way faster than medical professionals, and work on them, around them and through you to bring your heart’s desire, perfect health.
— Dennis

This story has good happy conclusion, not all cases end this way. I'll be sharing other stories, some of them didn't fare so well. 

- Ray