Ghosts are people too!

Dear Ray,

I saw this video on the Daily Mail and thought of you — you can totally see a ghost get into the cab! Isn’t that crazy?? But my first question is: why would a ghost need to ride in a cab? Can’t they just fly through the air? Inquiring minds want to know!
— Ciao, Ryan

Hi Ryan, great video, thanks for sharing. You're right: technically speaking, a ghost wouldn't need to take a cab to get anywhere -- they can go anywhere they think of instantly! So what you're seeing is the ghost of someone who doesn't actually know that they're dead...a pretty common occurrence, actually. She's just going about her daily business -- stuck in an outdated energy loop -- totally unaware that someone else is getting into that cab. She can see the cab, but she can't see the living passenger getting into it because she's so attached to the routines that made up her day when she was living, she is utterly blind to her new reality. So she's stuck in the real-life (or death, I suppose) version of Groundhog Day: the same day just keeps happening over and over, and while she vaguely knows something isn't right, she can't figure out what it is.

Being a caring sort, I hate to see ghosts stuck like this. So, using my metaphysical abilities, I "talked" to her, though she didn't really relate to me right away - she was kind of in a fog. Then she started finally noticing that I was talking to her, she had gotten used to being ignored (because she's a ghost who thought she was alive). I explained to her that she had died, and that she no longer has to go to work. At first, she didn't quite grasp it, but finally she started to get it, so I was able to bring the light to her. When she saw her family there waiting for her, she willing went there. And now she's no longer a ghost who is doomed to wait for a new cab everyday, wondering why things feel strange around her. 

So thank you, Ryan, for sending me that link. You saved a woman's death from Groundhog Day, forever. 

Ciao for now,