Can ghosts talk to you?

Hi Ray, I was talking to a friend who knows a bit about ghosts (she’s a shaman), and she told me that it’s possible for ghosts to actually talk to people...? That seemed pretty far-fetched, so I thought I’d ask you about it.
— Charlotte

Hi Charlotte, great question! The short answer is: sometimes. Truth is, most ghosts can "talk", but most living people can't hear them. However, often kids (because their minds are more open than adults) can. The video above illustrates this point. 

However, there are some ghosts that become powerful enough on the material plane to become audible to anyone! Here's an example of that:

A client of mine recently was awoken by a child's voice saying "Mommy?" next to her bed. Because she has a child, she immediately woke up in a panic...but was even more panicked when she discovered her son was still fast asleep in his own bed down the hall! After hearing me on a radio show (On the Edge of the Unknown), she called me to ask if there was anything paranormal going on in her house.

Sure enough, I immediately saw a little girl, about 5 years old, standing in her bedroom. She was lost and looking for her mother. I sent the little girl into the light and reunited her with her mom. My client has not experienced problems since.

Hope that answers your question! 

Til next time...