Ghosts with bad intentions

Dear Ray,

You mentioned that some ghost have bad intentions. What kind of bad intentions? How would I know one is around me?

— Sincerely, Nervous in Nashville

Not to worry, NN, this is what I do 24-7: keep spirits with bad intentions at bay for my customers! Here's an example:

I got a call from this lady, we'll call G, sounded very shook up. Said she was referred from a mutual friend. I like referrals, it's always a bit more comfortable, for everyone.

Her son, who was in So-Cal at the time, had a problem with a spirit of some kind in his apartment. Ms. G said it has gotten worse in the last few months.

It started a few years ago, he heard some noises, like foot steps, and knocking sounds. Just thought it was the neighbors. But, then it got a little creeper with some scratching on the walls, only very slowly. And most of the time it would happen in the evening.

But, in the last 6 months it's been different times of the night. He'd hear banging and crashing, like from the kitchen and when he went to see, there was nothing.

He couldn't figure it out, the neighbors couldn't be doing this.

Then there was the books and pictures knocked over, sometimes right in front of him.

What can you do, who can you talk to, who's even going to believe you. His head is spinning. I mean who wouldn't.

But, what changed everything started with the scratches on his back. Three long scratches, like claw marks. Then the worst... it growled a deep growl, like about an inch or two from his left ear. Snapped him wide awake.

He hadn't been sleeping very good for a couple of months, he's been edgy at work and with his friends and when his mom called that was it, she knew something was wrong. He kinda broke down and told her everything.

After receiving a photo of her son, his address and the go ahead to start, I scanned around to see what was going on. Now, keep in mind that I'm a couple of states away from him.

Just as I thought, a demon. A level 7 demon. It turned around and looked right at me and growled, "Your not getting me to leave". I'm thinking, Wow, now that's not normal.

It lunged at me, I put up my hand and commanded him to stop, of course it did. It has to, I've been doing this for a long time and have a lot preparations for this kind of thing.

I already had arrangements for relocation, so to speak. It took a while but I finally got it to leave.

My arraignment with the client is a 30-day monitoring. To make sure it stays away, especially demons, and alike.

Well, it's a good idea, because it came back the following week and almost a week after that. Good grief, this guy's going to be tough. But, that was it. Nothing more from it. And it's been almost a couple of years now and all is quiet. I like it.

Here's the client's testimonial (all typos are from her original email):

"Ray, focused for a full month, th [sic] clear a serious evil entity which had been tormenting my son for years. He kept in regular contact though with me, always keeping me informed on how the progress was going. After years of harassment my son is completely cleared of this entity. He had no more issues from this being anymore. I completely trust Ray, and could not recommend him enough." - G of WA (10/2014)

I assume that answers your question. (; 

Til next time,